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First Snow in Seattle

Jeff told me about the first snow in Seattle yesterday. I CANNOT BELIEVE I missed it. The sad thing is that I went out to get some office supplies yesterday and saw some x’mas decoration, that makes me feel sad that I am not there with Jeff. Not like we always spent x’mas together but at least we are in the same city and he would stop by whenever he could.

Anyway, this is gonna be the first NON-Jeff Thanksgiving and X’mas. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.. I think I am going to hate it.

First Snow in Seattle

First Snow in Seattle

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ViVa Las Vegas Chinese New Year Style!

This February was a BIG BIG month for Chinese to celebrate Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year to Chinese is just like Christmas to Americans. Family gathering and food! You always get new clothes for new years too! HAHA I LOVE THAT! It seems People in USA celebrates Chinese New Years more now. ( Even though I think it might be a marketing scam to give people a reason to celebrate and spend money or more Chinese) True to be told, that might work very well because I did see a lotttts of Chinese there in town. They all talk about they saw the big ” O ” show and shopping. I guess it was afterall a good strategy. HAHHAHA… I guess valentine’s day is just not big enough for the entire month. haha.

On the way there, the gentleman sat next to me told me that I had to check out Wynn CNY celebrating decoration. To my surprise, it was CNY celebrating decoration EVERYWHERE. I have to say it’s very cool. The red color just made everything look so good.  I think it’s very fascinating that Red is such a festive color in many cultures, such as Chinese New Year and Christmas.

This was on the Front Desk when we checked in to our hotel Venetian.

That’s the front desk.

That is in Wynn hotel!!!!!!

This is one of my favorite decoration. Look at that Tiger, he is MEANnnnnnnnn!!!! this is located at the Plazzo hotel.

Look at His eyes!!! They are Staring at YOU!!!!

I cannot remember if  it’s the lobby of Ceaser’s palace or Monte Carlo!

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ViVA Las Vegas!!!- Venetian

Vegas is always a good place for weekend get away. And I have to say there is NO place as SIN as Vegas. Who would put lots of slot machines in front the gate when you walked out from your flight. But I guess that’s part of the FUN!!!

We stayed at Venetian Hotel this time. The ROOM WAS AWESOMMMMMMEeeeee. I totally want to live there forever ( only if I can afford it) . The bed was nice and the comforter and the HUGE bathroom! We stayed at a No view room but I didn’t think it matters . I mean I will prefer the room with a view but I seriously doubt if I have time to enjoy the view besides morning before I head out and few minutes before I go to bed. For that view , they will charge you $45 extra a night. I thought it was okay I don’t have the view since it is the first time I stayed with them. Also, I thought I would be too tired to enjoy the view! I WAS RIGHT!

So the Entire time I was there, we walked from Venetian to Excalibur and then come back. My feet were quitting on me every day it was crazy. I am pretty sure I lost few ponds after the trip! o, enough of whining!!!

That’s the Panorama Shot from my SONY Cyber shot Camera. That’s the best function I love about this camera. I just have to play with it and show!

The door next to bed is for closet. They have this little stairs that separates the livingroom area to the bed which is nice!

That’s the flat tv I see when I am in bed. There are total 3 tvs in this room. one here, one in the livingroom and one in the bathroom. HOW COOL IS THAT!

The Livingroom and a little office area. Not only you have internet access , they provide Fax machine and all sort of things. OKay here is the trick, DoN”T ever TOUCH ANYTHING from the snacks, water or whatever. They charge you. They are putting on this sensor. Once you move it, even though just to look. Their computer will pick it up right away and charge you. So if you don’t want some expected bill then DOn’t even tough them!  There is a Walgreen just next door!!


AWESOME! I almost screamed when I saw this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE big bathroom!!!!!!

Other pictures will come soon!

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okay So, Jeff is taking me to VEGAS! Guess where we are staying… hum… WRONGGGGGGG.
We are staying at Venetian!!!! yes , I have never stayed there before and i am super duper excited. I will post all the pictures soon next week!!! YEAH

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the Love of Flats!

Okay here there come . My forever love FLATS! Don’t get me wrong I still love love LOVE pumps but in reality this fits my life better and flats just make my life a easier. Who said Flats have to be boring and not fashionable!!!!! Personally, I am very picky about the flats. Not only they have to be colorful but also they have to be comfortable too. I only wear the flats with a thick pad on the bottom!  I had experience with FLAT flats. I have to say you are probably better off with pumps. THEY HURT after wearing few hours!!!!! I have to say some designer flats share the same problem as well. The best part is those are not that expensive! They are the range from $40-$55 and some of them are made in leather! I have to say they do bring me a lot of compliments! The orange glitter pair was my favorite last year! it’s SO wore out I had to buy new one! Now my life is about the off white and yellow! they are super duper!!! by the way, I bought them in Taiwan! I hope they will sell in the US in the future!!!

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Shoe loverrrr!!

Okay, so, I really really want to share this with everyone! o well, this is the only pair of pumps I like now! I am trying to get a pair of Christian Louboutin but I really didn’t find something I really like yet! O well, I like few pairs of them too! O well, I didn’t buy them all because A. I don’t have a proper shoe closet. B.  I am in Seattle. I walk all over the places. It is just impossible to walk few hours in pumps and walk on the hills before I kill myself! So, most of shoes I own are flats. cute ones too! I will post them on next time!

I bought this at a night market in Taiwan. When the salesman suggested me to try those on, I was very skeptical about it because I am a colored

person. I love everything colored! Black, gray are just not really my kind of color. However, after I gave it a shoot, I couldn’t take them off me. They are so fitted and so cute! So, I just had to buy those!  HA!

I saw this on one of the magazines. I was IN LOVE with them after I saw it. o well, I am not sure about the peek toe but this just looks great with even just a pair of jeans. I LOVE THEMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will totally take those black ones even without the bling bling! I always want to buy a pair of sexy suede black shoes. It will go great with a pair of sexy black tights. I think it will be a elegant everyday look. However, I have to admit it looks even sexier with the bling. I hope they are comfortable. Do you own a pair of Christian Louboutin? I am SOSOooo willing to kill my legs and walk in those sexy babies up hill for couple of hours. that’s how sexy they areeee!!! o well.. who am I kidding, I know I will choose comfort over sexy…. AIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! BRING my sexy back!!!!!

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